Stamp Paper Rent Agreement Format in Marathi

When entering into a rental agreement in the state of Maharashtra, it is important to ensure that it is executed on an appropriate stamp paper in accordance with the Stamp Act. In the state of Maharashtra, the stamp duty for rental agreements is 0.25% of the total rent for the period.

One of the most popular formats for rental agreements in the state of Maharashtra is the Marathi language format. This format is widely used by landlords and tenants in the state as it is easily understood by those who speak and read Marathi.

Here is a sample stamp paper rent agreement format in Marathi:


(Stamp Paper)

वार्षिक किरायावरीची भाडणीची चुकीचा अभिनंदन

(Welcome the rental agreement)

या संकल्पनेचे विषय असलेल्या मी आणि माझा घरच्या मालकाचे नाव खशी कराटे आणि भाडण्याची चुकी, याचा मुद्दा पसरलेल्या अधिकृत दस्तऐवजाच्या आधारे जाणून घेतला आहे.

(I, along with the name of my landlord, hereby declare my acceptance of the rental agreement and its terms as stated in the official documentation.)

नक्की भाडा

(Exact rent)

या संकल्पनेच्या विषयात वृत्तपत्राच्या चषम द्वारा जाणून घेतलेल्या भाड्याचे जमा करण्यासाठी नक्की भाडा ______________________ (अक्षरी व अंकांत) ही चुकी स्वीकार्य आहे.

(The exact rent, as per the agreement, is hereby accepted for payment in the form of cash or check.)



संकल्पनेमधील कालावधी दिवसांतो ___________________ (अक्षरी व अंकांत) आहे. त्यानुसार माझी अक्षमता अथवा नाकारा किंवा विलंब बरोबर भाड्याची चुकी अधिकारेचे निवड आणि प्रतिबद्धता आहे.

(The term of the rental agreement is ___________ days. As per the agreement, I accept responsibility for paying rent on time and within the timeframe set in the agreement.)



माझे हस्ताक्षर खशी कराटे _________________________

(My signature)



माझे हस्ताक्षर खशी कराटे _________________________

(Witness signature)

In conclusion, the stamp paper rental agreement format in Marathi is a widely used format for rental agreements in the state of Maharashtra. It is important for both landlords and tenants to understand and adhere to the terms and conditions stated in the agreement to ensure a successful and positive rental experience. Remember to consult with legal experts to ensure that the agreement is in compliance with state laws and regulations.

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