Nhs Public Health Functions Agreement 2021-22

The National Health Service (NHS) Public Health Functions Agreement 2021-22 is a document outlining the responsibilities and activities of the NHS in promoting and protecting public health over the course of the next year.

The agreement lays out the key priorities for the NHS in this area, including the prevention and management of infectious diseases, tackling obesity and improving mental health services.

One of the major focuses of the agreement is the response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The NHS will continue to play a vital role in the rollout of vaccinations, testing and contact tracing, as well as in monitoring and managing any further outbreaks of the virus.

In terms of obesity, the agreement sets out plans to expand access to weight management services and increase the availability of healthy food options in schools and other public settings. There will also be a renewed focus on encouraging physical activity, particularly for children and young people.

Mental health is another key area of focus for the NHS in the coming year. The agreement outlines a wide range of measures to improve access to services and support, including the expansion of mental health crisis teams and the development of new community-based interventions.

Other important priorities for the NHS in the coming year include improving cancer services, addressing health inequalities, and strengthening partnerships with local authorities and other stakeholders.

Overall, the NHS Public Health Functions Agreement 2021-22 demonstrates the commitment of the NHS to promoting and protecting the health of the public in the face of ongoing challenges and evolving needs. By working together with partners across the health and social care sector, the NHS aims to deliver high-quality services and interventions that make a real difference to people`s lives.

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